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Nursing Program


The education in nursing leads to challenge the boundaries and build bridges for a healthier world.


The main motto of this program is to provide a scholarly environment in which the scholars and students gain and extend knowledge of health, health care and the practice. Through this program the students and scholars could learn traditional as well as technology-based instructional strategies and a variety of innovative and diverse teaching methods. The mission of the Nursing Education is to:

a) Educate nurses to lead within diverse, complex environments.

b) Promote health and the public good through ethical leadership, collaboration and practice.

c) Contribute to knowledge development for health and nursing.

d) Serve the the broader missions of the College and University.


Nursing is an art and a science. The art of nursing is reflected when individuals are viewed as unique beings, inseparable from and in constant interaction with the environment. The science of nursing is the practice of safe quality patient centered care using evidence-based practice as a foundation to promote health and positive patient outcomes that will facilitate ongoing growth as human beings. Professional nurses participate and examine research to develop critical nursing judgment and demonstrate leadership within the healthcare team. Central to the essence of nursing is caring which facilitates optimal human functioning through promoting, maintaining, and restoring health and preventing illness.

People possess bio-psychosocial, cultural and spiritual characteristics. People function within the environment in which they exist. Every person is unique, possessing dignity and worth, and has the capacity for change.

Nursing graduates accept that diversity and multicultural perspectives are valued regardless of race, ethnic origin, creed, gender, age, veteran's status etc.